Illustrated Heart of Darkness

Image      Last year Matt Kish and Tin House Books gave us the incredible illustrated edition of Moby Dick, featuring a unique piece of Kish’s artwork for each page of the book. This year Kish and Tin House have teamed up again to work on a second project: the complete illustrated edition of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (out October 2013). As with Moby Dick, there will be a different illustration for each page of the book– right now Kish predicts about 100 total.  You can check out Kish’s blog to read more about the inner workings of the project and even purchase some of the original artwork at his etsy store. According to the blog he’s working on Page 31 this week. Ridiculously awesome.

Check out some of the completed Heart of Darkness illustrations below:


5 thoughts on “Illustrated Heart of Darkness

  1. Pictures make me to understand more about “Heart of Darkness”.
    Actually, when Marlow describes the scare of the nature, I couldn’t really imagine them. However, they are really shown well as illustrations~!! It gave me lots of thought for the book.

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